Artifact, Valve’s New Card Game, Might Just Be What the Dota 2 Community Needs


During The International 2017 tournament Dota 2 developer Valve revealed a new collectible card game called Artifact. The community didn’t take it very well mostly due to lack of any details about the game, and also because people just expected new Dota 2 content and features instead of a new game.

The teaser trailer was very short and gave only the name of the card game and the vague release period of 2018.

Later at TI we found out that the game had been in development for some time, and many people have played it, or at least had a chance to look at it in action. Non-Disclosure agreements block most of the leaks, but some information has been spilled nonetheless.

According to The International host Day[9] the new game will have 3 separate gameboards that represent lanes on the DotA map. Each player gets 5 hero cards that can be deployed in different lanes. Creeps will be spawning and heroes can cast abilities on them. Judging by Day[9]’s words, heroes will also be able to cast creeps, or at least to temper with their spawning time or amount. He also mentioned improvement cards that can be cast on heroes.

The infamous hero of Dota 2 community SirActionSlacks said in an interview that he was thrilled by Artifact and people shouldn’t really hate it.

— I’ve signed papers. I’ve seen things, and one of them that I did see was Artifact. They did show me that a couple of months ago and it was super cool.

A lot of people are hating on Artifact… I’ve signed papers and I can’t say anything, but I can say, a lot of that hate is unwarranted ‘cause it is super f*cking fun and cool. That game is so sick! Especially if you’re a Dota player.


Soon after the game was revealed Tyler McVicker from Valve News Network said in a video that he exchanged messages with Artifact project lead Brandon Reinhart.

According to Reinhart, additional information about Artifact will be released after Valve has moved to their new office building. Many sources (like this one) say it will happen in September. Unless Valve decides to make a separate Artifact event, the next opportunity for big presentation of the game will emerge at the end of October during ESL One Hamburg 2017.

There still are so many questions surrounding the game that we could make a separate article just listing them all. We don’t know if the game will have a mobile client, what engine it will use, what monetization system is going to be applied and so on.

The good news is that Valve has an excellent track record with new games and that it will deal with a couple of problems inside Dota 2 Itself. For example, the new game can address the fact that there is no unified Dota 2 lore. Also, the big game can feel intimidating for casual gamers, who love Dota 2, but don’t want to grind through unforgiving MMR system day after day. Watching tournament matches and playing the card game might be just what many people wish for. Right?

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