Esports Game and League Updates, June 12 – 23


horizon lunar colony patch

Every fortnight, brings you a complete round-up every major update to the top esports games. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of every major patch of the last seven days – everything from nerfs and balances, to new characters and promotional gear.

For those who follow the competitive scene for these games, we’ve also gathered any major changes to league structures, point systems and other rules that could have a big impact on how future competitions play out.


Dota 2

Game Updates:

  • Fixes: Dota 2 saw a significant number of numbers tweaks roll-out on the 11th, including several item, champion, and talent changes. With the list mostly being simple numbers changes, there are no real stand-out changes to discuss.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Game updates:

  • New Content: CS:GO’s only major update in the past two weeks has been a fairly large overhaul to the GOTV network. Other than that, only minor tweaks for Operation Hydra have been patched in recently.


League of Legends

Game updates:

  • New Content: The 10-ban system has been live in normal and ranked queues for a little over a week now, and after playing a couple games with it, it definitely feels like a more streamlined experience. With all players banning simultaneously, a new champ select meta has emerged. Should you ban something more obscure because it’s likely your opponents will ban Yasuo? Or do you just get that Zed ban out of the way to avoid the risk?


  • Fixes: Riot focused their eyes on supports most recently, specifically splitting the effectiveness of Locket of the Iron Solari and Redemption, the two most purchased support items currently. Mages will now prefer Redemption, as it receives a triple healing bonus from anything that amplifies shield and healing power, and Locket will now require traditional tank stats to be the most effective. In the jungle, Rek’sai received more buffs, saw her play- and win-rate skyrocket, and is still somehow slated for more buffs on the PBE.



Game updates:

  • New Content: A new map, Horizon Lunar Colony, was released this week. If you were queueing for ranked the day it was released, you probably noticed that it was in the map rotation immediately despite Blizzard saying it would be disabled for the first week. Oops! Additionally, Blizzard announced today that loot boxes would be getting a buff. Duplicate items are to be “drastically reduced,” according to Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s Game Director. Additionally, to compensate for the decrease in gold you acquire from boxes, the amount of currency you get directly from chests will be increased as well.


  • Fixes: Reaper and McCree both received significant buffs. McCree’s ultimate, High Noon, has received a significant decrease in charge-up time, while Reaper now has passive life steal, but no longer generates soul orbs upon killing opponents. Meanwhile, Roadhog received a moderate nerf in damage output.



Game updates:

  • New Content: In a seemingly simultaneous rollout of lootbox improvements, Ben Brode announced to the Hearthstone community today that you would no longer receive duplicate legendaries when opening packs.  This is enormous news for fans of the game, as receiving a legendary will now always be worth 1600 dust compared to sometimes being worth 400.
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