Esports Game and League Updates, June 24 – July 6


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Every fortnight, brings you a complete round-up every major update to the top esports games. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of every major patch of the last seven days – everything from nerfs and balances, to new characters and promotional gear.

For those who follow the competitive scene for these games, we’ve also gathered any major changes to league structures, point systems and other rules that could have a big impact on how future competitions play out.



Game Updates:

  • Fixes: As we previously reported, Rogue’s Quest mechanic card The Caverns Below has been nerfed to require five minions of the same name to be played instead of four. The nerf went live officially on the 10th, but so far it’s hard to call whether the deck is officially dead or not. Requiring an additional minion to be played stretches the resources of the deck further than it appears on the surface, however, so it’s safe to say that the ladder should be relatively safe for the time being.


Dota 2

Game updates:

  • Fixes: A fairly hefty update went out on the 2nd of July, full of the usual minor character tweaks as Valve prepares for The International 2017, which begins officially on August 2nd.

Esports updates:

  • Formats: Valve recently announced a change to its tournament structure, as well as a change in how teams will qualify for The International starting in the 2017-2018 season. While the change will retain familiarity on the surface, Valve has stated they will now be sponsoring independent tournament organisers for its Major/Minor circuit, as well as awarding Qualifier Points to players based on tournament results, which will be needed to make it to The International.



Game updates

  • New content: Doomfist has arrived on the PTR to plenty of fanfare. After just one day of testing, Blizzard nerfed his Rocket Punch ability to travel a shorter distance. Despite the nerf, Doomfist seems to be incredibly powerful, and will likely see his fair share of competitive play once he reaches live.


  • Fixes: While nothing substantial has come down the pipes, an interesting post on the Overwatch forums from Geoff Goodman should delight struggling Roadhog mains. Since the gutting of the Hogs chain gun, his binary gameplay just hasn’t quite had the punch it did before. Goodman’s post indicated that the development team was looking into buffing his tankiness to match his reduced damage output. While this certainly won’t bring back the binary gameplay of land a hook, kill a hero, it could open up gameplay diversity for Roadhog mains outside of simply landing hooks.


League of Legends

Game updates

  • New content: Kayn, The Shadow Reaper will be released in the upcoming patch, due out this week. Kayn represents the first transformation hero to be added to the game since Gnar, though his transform mechanic seems to be more on the permanent side of things. Based on whether you damage enemy melee or ranged champions more, you can return to base and amplify your abilities by transforming into a tanky bruiser or a diving assassin.


  • Fixes: Along with Kayn, a host of fixes are also on their way. The highlights of the patch include a laundry list of changes to Singed and Diana, the latter of which could be poised for a massive comeback, as well as some quality of life improvements for Cho’gath, and a new component to Thornmail that gives tanks a route to obtaining the mortal wounds debuff, which reduces healing on enemy players. You can find the rest of the patch notes here.
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