Esports Game and League Updates, August 4 – 11


Every fortnight, brings you a complete round-up every major update to the top esports games. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of every major patch of the last seven days – everything from nerfs and balances, to new characters and promotional gear.

For those who follow the competitive scene for these games, we’ve also gathered any major changes to league structures, point systems and other rules that could have a big impact on how future competitions play out.

This week, we have a new Hearthstone expansion shaking things up, and League of Legends continues to receive tweaks from Riot Games as we march on towards the 2017 World Championship tournament.



Game updates:

  • New content: Knights of the Frozen Throne is live, and we have a pretty cut and dry king of the hill. To next to one’s surprise, Ultimate Infestation is an insanely good card, and combined with a few other tools Druid received, the Jade archetype is absolutely dominating the ladder. If you’re a fan of control decks, this is the time to make a return to the game if you’ve been sleeping on it lately. Behind Druid’s dominance, Priest has made a name for itself as one of the few decks able to combat Jade Druid’s gameplan, and other various control-skewed lists such as Warlock and Mage have been bounced around by several pros in the first week of the new meta.

  • Single-Player Update: Additionally, Knights of the Frozen Throne gives us our first look at the single-player content replacement. When Blizzard announced they would stick to expansion sets as a way of releasing new cards, they promised that the single-player missions would be rolled into the expansion releases. The missions are very similar to how the adventures of old were, releasing on a fixed schedule as the weeks go by.


League of Legends

Game updates:

  • Fixes: The patch-mania continues for League of Legends as we inch ever closer to Worlds. The tank meta isn’t going anywhere by the looks of it, but a slew of mid-lane mage nerfs hit the top tier meta picks. Syndra, Taliyah, Cassiopeia, Corki, Fizz, Oriana and Galio (surprisingly played mid more than any other role) all saw their power levels decreased in various ways, either through damage nerfs or mana cost increases. You can view the complete list of changes in detail on Riot’s patch notes page.

  • Riot also made some changes to on-hit interactions with wards. On-hit effects that are on a timer, such as Riven’s passive stacks, Jayce’s transform buff, or Jax’s Grandmaster’s Might third hit bonus, will no longer be consumed when killing off wards. According to Riot, this change attempts to alleviate some of the issue these champions have when attempting to control vision, as there is no choice to be made when you consume these abilities while fighting the vision war.


Starcraft: Brood War

Game updates:

  • New content: Starcraft: Remastered is officially here, and the game that helped start it all is back and looking better than ever. With people flooding back into the once-enormous RTS, the tournament scene is likely to see a strong return in the coming months.

  • Fixes: While Blizzard aimed to keep Brood War in as untouched of a state as possible, there are some minor quality of life changes to help adjust people unfamiliar with the archaic user interface of the first Starcraft. The ability to change hotkeys is finally available, as well as the ability to disable custom hotkeys for tournament settings. An updated spectator interface with the ability to zoom out to view battles from a larger, grander scale makes the already amazing viewer experience that much better.
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