Esports Games and League Updates, July 14-28


Every fortnight, brings you a complete round-up every major update to the top esports games. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of every major patch of the last seven days – everything from nerfs and balances, to new characters and promotional gear.

For those who follow the competitive scene for these games, we’ve also gathered any major changes to league structures, point systems and other rules that could have a big impact on how future competitions play out.


League of Legends

Game Updates:

  • Fixes: As has become all too common with League of Legends around this time of year, Riot is releasing major balance patches almost weekly as they attempt to heave the metagame into chaos weeks before Worlds begins in late October. While a discussion can and should be had about the effect that these rapid fire game changes have on the casual/low ELO competitive community, Riot clearly wants to make its biggest spectator event of the year as hectic and exciting as it can.Since the last update, Urgot has received an enormous rework, Duskblade got buffed into the stratosphere and nerfed days later, the tank metagame returned in such a way that Cho’gath was a priority jungle pick, and Sivir received an absurd 30 damage buff at level one on her Q. I’m serious, go look at the patch notes, I wouldn’t expect it to stick around for very long, though.

Note: Within 12 hours of the patches release, the Sivir Q buff was essentially reverted. Shocking.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Esports updates:

  • Formats: It was announced yesterday that Valve would not fund another CS:GO major until sometime in early 2018. For the second year running, Valve will only host two majors, a stark contrast to their Dota 2 model, which runs the risk of exhausting viewers with its quarterly majors and plethora of minors.Additionally, if you follow competitive CS:GO, it’s roster shuffle season. While a complete list of player personnel changes would be too extensive to cover in our limited space, and likely outdated by the time this goes live, the entire front page of the Global Offensive subreddit is essentially dedicated to this chaotic time period.


Dota 2

Game updates:

  • Fixes: In almost complete contrast to Riot’s massive shake-ups prior to its biggest event, Valve prefers a more laissez-faire attitude in Dota’s regard. With the International just over the horizon – August 7th, the weekend after next specifically – Valve has released next to no major updates to their game, instead opting to fix a few quality of life and technical issues with their client.


Starcraft 2

Game updates:

  • New content: The War Chest has arrived in-game. Similar to the Dota 2 compendium, it offers in-game skins and unit portraits at the cost of a small real-money purchase. A quarter of the proceeds go to funding WCS prize pools, with extra revenue over $200,000 going towards tournament production and fees, according to Blizzard.



Game updates:

  • New content: Knights of the Frozen Throne spoiler season is underway, and some of the effects released so far look pretty spic- er, chilly? The biggest mechanic for the set are new hero cards that presumably replace your current hero, similar to Lord Jaraxxus, but with powerful battlecry effects and new hero powers. The only hero officially revealed so far is Deathstalker Rexxar, a macabre take on the Orc hero from Warcraft lore, who both explosive traps your opponent’s board upon being played, but gives a unique new hero power. The new hero power hasn’t been fully revealed, but the ability is called “Build-a-Beast,” and the description reads “craft a custom Zombeast.” With potentially huge game-swinging effects, these hero cards could be what Hearthstone needs to both return the luster to the game that casual audiences seem to be missing, and help bolster its once staggering viewer count for the competitive scene.

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