First Day of TI 2017 Brings Mixed Feelings


The most anticipated Dota 2 tournament of the year kicked off yesterday. We are very early into the group stage of The International 2017, but the event has already generated mixed feelings among the viewers.

In the first day of the tournament there have been played 92 out of 113 heroes. That’s quite a lot! To put into perspective: out of 132* League of Legends champions, only 57 were picked or banned during World Championship 2016.

One of the Players Dropped out due to Visa Issues

Carry of Team Empire Vladimir “Chappie” Kuzmenko is going to miss The International 2017 due to problems with his passport. Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok will play in Chappie’s place. In a series of tweets Resolut1on said he was sorry for the opportunity that Chappie lost. “When some visa issues ruins your dreams it’s just unfair”, says the player.

Roman”Resolut1on” Fominok

Team Empire won their spot at TI 2017 through CIS qualifier by getting score of 7-2 in group stage and defeating all the opponents in elimination phase. Their last notable result was winning Global Grand Masters at 2016.

Troubles of the First Day

Throughout the years organizers of dozens of major and premier tournaments tried to outperform and outwit each other. They set a extreamly high standards and the viewers became very demanding. There are tons of 3 main issues the viewers have been bitching complaining about: underwater terrain, technical glitches and lack of content between games.


It takes time to get used to the underwater terrain, introduced by Valve yesterday. After you have watched a game for at least 10 minutes, it’s no big deal, but when you are following consolidated Twitch chat flaming the map you are somewhat compelled to join the complaints on Reddit and in other chats.

Some users say that the new terrain ruins the experience for new and casual viewers, but you decide for yourself if this argument is enough to switch back to the normal map.

No content between games

Dota 2 community is full of interesting people who would gladly fill the void between games of The International group stage with interviews and conversations. This time viewers receive the experience of 2010 with waiting screens between matches.

Hopefully, this will change by the time the main event kicks off.

Technical glitches

During some games of the first day the casters were about 1 second out of sync with the actual game. The issue was fixed, but it got lots of attention on top of other problems.

Let’s Just Leave Problems Behind

It’s very hard to discuss such  matters without editorializing and bias. Best we can do at this point is suggest our readers to focus on watching the games. Hopefully, you will soon stop noticing those whale sounds and the casters will not be screaming about big plays ahead of time.

* The amount of LoL champions as of 09.29.2016.

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