The International 2017: A Real Treat For Fans, and A Triumph for Team Liquid!


The International 2017 has ended and the dust is settling. The most active and passionate part of Dota 2 community is in a state of euphoria that turns into hangover. Let’s look at some exciting and relevant points of the event.

Team Liquid are your TI7 Champions

Team Liquid (TL) had a direct invite to The International 2017 and were one of the favorite teams to win. The current squad of TL took home the grand prize for EPICENTER 2017, the last 2 seasons of DreamLeague, and a couple of premier StarLadder events.

Solid results in the group landed TL at the upper bracket, but main event was not a smooth flight for the team. The horse squad lost to Invictus Gaming in the first round and had to fight all the way through the loser’s bracket. Even there they did not look unbeatable, as Team Secret nearly knocked KuroKy’s team out of TI.

While Chinese teams were crushing Upper Bracket, TL were thrown into the pit with CIS squads and Team Empire. When the teams formed by Russians and Ukrainian were defeated, TL was tested once again by Chinese LGD and LFY before going to the Grand Finals.

This year TI ended with a splash, because Team Liquid did not only beat the former world champions, they also took 3 straight maps, not giving Newbee even an inch.

As always, the Champagne Bottle was undefeated

Esports tournament hosts love to give the champions a champagne bottle at the end of the awarding ceremony. They must imagine that nerds barely old enough to drink alcohol will perform stunts like Formula 1 pilots do. You can check out our piece on StarCraft 2 WCS champion Need, or look up other clumsy attempts with the bottle (like this one) to see how poorly it usually goes.

Team Liquid Dota 2 players showed that they manage champagne bottles as good as they would probably pilot a Formula 1 car.

Amazing production

These days Reddit has been full of appreciation threads praising different people involved in production of The International 2017. We were treated with lots of additional content besides the game itself and the usual panel talk about matches.

Perhaps the most exciting and unexpected part was when Gabe Newell presented himself as a security guy with weird hair and makeup.

In our piece about the Short Film Contest we mentioned SirActionSlacks as a Dota 2 community phenomenon, who you will quickly fall in love with or start hating with all your guts. This clip shows Slacks in all his disgustingly amazing nutshell.

Valve made a controversial move by inviting Day[9] to host TI 2017 when there were people like Machine and RedEye up for the task. We can only guess what prompted it, but nevertheless Day[9] was a great success and in the downtime between games he made viewers smile a lot.

To give you the sense of who Day[9] is for the most communities he shows up in, here is a clip of him yesterday at the StarCraft: Remastered launch event. For those who don’t know, Aeon of Strife is the original StarCraft map that was later reproduced in WarCraft 3 as Defense of the Ancients.

(From left to right: Artosis, iNcontrol, Day[9], Tasteless)

Now that The International 2017 has ended many teams will be shaking their rosters. How do you think 2018 season will look? Share your thoughts in comments and in social media.

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