The Overwatch World Cup Group Stages: Flawless Victories


The Overwatch World Cup Katowice Qualifier is well underway this weekend, and a pretty stark dichotomy has emerged.

While the likely favorites in South Korea have looked nearly flawless, The Netherlands have also received little to no resistance in Group E. Additionally, in Group F, Both Canada and Russia remain uncontested, with the four winning teams not dropping a single map all weekend.

Most notably from days one and two is Korea’s dominance. While it was suspected that they would face next to no competition from Austria and Poland, the South Korean national team made social media shockwaves after essentially toying with their opponents on day one. Using heroes considered underpowered in the current meta like Reinhardt, Mei and Junkrat, South Korea ran circles around their Austrian opponents, often using Yeon-oh “Fl0w3R” Hwang’s near-perfect Junkrat play to keep the enemy spawn location completely pinned down, securing an easy 4-0 sweep, and what would be the first of many.

The Polish team, to their credit, at least forced South Korea to pick a more credible, meta-respecting composition. However, the South Korean team putting on their try-hard pants was by and large the only noteworthy thing to happen in the match, as the Poles succumbed to another flawless victory from South Korea. The Netherlands, who have also won both of their matches with 4-0 sweeps, face off against South Korea on Sunday for first place in the group. With “stop trolling the opponent” being the only major critical decision the South Korean national team has had to make so far this weekend, it’s hard to bet against their success moving forward.

Team Russia have also started strong, as the 2016 Overwatch World Cup runners-up look to make their return to the Anaheim Convention Center in November. Led by George “ShaDowBurn” Gushcha’s immaculate Genji play, Russia defeated Singapore day one and Turkey’s tricky Pharmercy play day two to solidify their appearance against Team Canada for first place in Group F. By far the more interesting of the two match-ups, at least on paper, the Canadian Squad’s DPS lineup of Lane “Surefour” Roberts, Liam “Mangchu” Campbell, and Brady “Agilities” Girardi hope to intervene in Russia’s grudge rematch against South Korea, who beat the Russian squad in the finals of last year’s World Cup at Blizzcon.

The playoff matches take place later today, with South Korea and the Netherlands starting at noon CEST, and Canada versus Russia beginning at 3:30 PM CEST. The winners of the two matches will qualify for the Blizzcon playoffs, which begin Nov. 3rd.

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