This Year’s Dota 2 Short Film Contest is Amazing!


One of the most exciting traditions of The International is Short Film Contest (SFC). This year the winner of the contest will be awarded $25,000. Participants are allowed to use Valve copyrighted material and are not obligated to use Source Filmmaker.

This year there are dozens of entries, some of them are good, and some of them are absolutely amazing. We’ve rounded up the most interesting to our opinion short films of TI 2017 SFC . Please note that a portion of the films contain strong language and therefore are slightly not safe for work.

Most notable entries that have good chances to become winners

Sometimes you make a stupid mistake and your teammates tilt very hard… Watching this film actually makes you feel sorry for poor Dazzle.

Ever wondered how Bane Nightmare influences it’s subjects? This film gives vivid and funny examples.

This one is at least top 3, we are calling it! Only Invoker’s expression in the scene with Anti-Mage is priceless.

I am the Juggenaut, b*tch!

A glitch sends Templar Assassin into different Valve games. The idea is very creative and execution is at least 7 out of 10.

Excellently narrated film about all the people you will meet in Dota 2.

If you’ve played Portal, you will love this film.

A very touching film, albeit it has some cruel and violent scenes.

Nice production, lots of action and a plot. Many entries of SFC lack one or more of those traits.

SFC winners of previous years

Winners of the Short Film Contest from previous Tis.

 TI 2016:

The contest of the previous year showed that even short films need to have a plot, great voice acting and production.

By the Shattered Helm! Does nobody have money for Sentry Wards?

TI 2015:

The video does not have much of a plot, but at that time it filled you with true hype.

The time has come again, my friends.
The horns are sounding
And the call to war has been answered…

A tribute to SirActionSlacks

If you follow Dota 2 you must know who SirActionSlacks is. This guy produces entertaining content and travels to LAN tournaments, lighting smiles where ever he is. One of the content makers made a film to honor Slacks.

Slacks posted day and night
He was 5k with Omniknight
And when he was done with Reddit front page
He stood on The International main stage (da-da-dum).

Slacks has also entered the contest and unveiled a type of mental trauma you could get playing a MOBA. As always with his content, it’s funny and not serious. If you haven’t seen Slacks before watching this video, you will probably love him from now on.

You might also get offended by being presented with such garbage plot, awful vocal skills, shitty production and ugly cosplay.

Either way, you will not stay indifferent xD.


SFC participants produced lots of videos, but most of them failed to leave any lasting impression on us. Here are some of those videos. If you find that we are wrong and some of those films belong to the top of this article, you can write about it in the comments.

Notable Entries

Has great potetial. Extra points for introducing badass Rubick at the end. Would do with some custom lines though: all the phrases heroes make are taken from the actual game.

Epic battle between Ursa and Roshan, with great lines and animation. A little bit of humor and more dynamic would send this film to the top of this article. At least top 3 finisher if it had been submitted in the previous year.

Graphics of this film is actually pretty amazing! The creeps always wage their fierce battles and it’s easy to forget how miserable their life is.

The plot twist in the end is expected, but it’s still quite funny.

Did you ever play the support when your opponents have great map presence and won’t allow you to put wards in good places? This video is about life of such a support, who literally gives her life to ward a tier 2 tower.

Forget about the Queen, why don’t we have a King of Pain? This video is more than 90 seconds long and technically can’t participate in the contest, but it is produced very good.

The film depicts some 2K-scrubs fighting for the bounty rune. Many expected plot twists, no dialogues, but still very entertaining.

Shadow Fiend with early Dragon Lance and Shadow Blade becomes a nightmare for the enemy team.

Have you seen Anti-Mage performing a roundhouse kick? You are about to witness it xD.

This video would be an excellent promo for a collectible card game based on Dota 2.

 Another film that would make a deep run into SFC a year ago. This year there are some much more suitable entries.

Take 2 heroes, give them most of the abilities in the game and throw them into the fighting pit. In the end, as always, Sniper ultimate strikes the finishing blow :).

The film introduces lots of dynamics and looks really good.

Take any hero line and recite it in childish voice, and the level of cuteness goes through the roof!

Sexy teacher Lina:
— And remember, help control the creep population. Have your creeps killed, or dominated.

The winner of the Short Film Contest will be announced during The International 2017 event.

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