Upsets and Controversy Roils as PGL Krakow Group Stages Conclude


PGL Krakow’s group stages have wrapped up, and the swiss portion of the tournament left us with no shortage of drama and controversy.

Among the big names that have been eliminated from the tournament, FaZe Clan perhaps fared the worst. Contenders to win the entire thing, FaZe dropped all three of the maps they played in the swiss rounds, leading off their tournament with an upset loss to team BIG on Inferno. Losses to mouseesports and FlipSid3 Tactics would end FaZe Clan’s trip to Krakow prematurely. Team BIG, however, continued their momentum, tearing through Cloud9 and SK Gaming to secure a spot in the quarterfinals, though perhaps with the help of a controversial glitch.

Team BIG made liberal use of a new-found glitch that was uncovered during the Major qualification cycle, referred to as the “crouch jump” bug. Using an interaction with crouching while jumping near a crate, players can gain information on their opponent’s whereabouts while remaining unseen by their opponents. The bug has quickly gained infamy, and unrest spread throughout twitter as many pros voiced their concerns and displeasure at the bug being allowed for PGL Krakow.

Valve has ruled the bug legal to use, though players have tweeted that “gentlemen’s agreements” have been made to not overly abuse it.

Taking advantage of bugs is nothing new in esports, and some games have even accepted them as attributing to balance at the highest level. While the community seems to have taken a firm stance against this glitch, though, a minority of players and viewers have taken to social media to praise Valve for allowing the bug to remain, citing a nostalgic feeling of days gone by when early iterations of Counter-Strike were riddled with bugs that the community embraced openly.

Joining BIG on their unlikely trip to the quarterfinals as underdogs are The Polish squad’s swiss rounds were far more daunting than BIG’s, culminating in a winner-take-all match against Cloud9 for one of the last remaining spots in the playoff rounds. North America’s hopes were crushed, however, as secured their spot in convincing fashion, eliminating Cloud9 from the tournament.

Rounding out the quarterfinals for PGL Krakow are Gambit Esports, SK Gaming, North, Astralis, fnatic, and Immortals. The quarterfinals begin later today with Gambit taking on fnatic, and the event will wrap up on Sunday with the finals taking place on Sunday at 17:30 CEST.

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